Winter 2017

Rosemary’s Baby - Four roses bourbon, rosemary infused Aperol,                
Clyde’s cider, lemon juice, agave, served up                
Great Scott! - Great King scotch, Laird’s apple brandy, lemon,                
sage honey, molasses bitters, over ice                
The Real Horchata - Real McCoy 5yr rum, cold brew coffee, housemade                
cashew/rice milk, maple syrup, fall spices, over ice.                
Poblano Gin & Tonic - Poblano chili infused Green Hook gin, lime juice,                 
Fever Tree tonic, over ice, tall glass                
It’s About Thyme - Thyme infused Tito’s vodka, roasted pear, lemon juice,                
prosecco, dash of ginger bitters, served up                
Santa Rojo - Amaras mezcal, fresh pressed beet and ginger juice, lime                
juice, agave, chocolate bitters, over ice                
The Danny K - Jack Daniels on the rocks & a bud bottle back