Mama Kim - ‘Ras al Hanout’ (middle eastern spices) infused pisco, grapefruit                   
lime juice coconut milk, agave, over crushed ice                    
The Cherry Bomb - Cachaca, roasted cherries, cherry peppers, muddled                   
mint, lime juice, agave and served on the rocks                    
The Beached Peach  - Amaras mezcal, Real McCoy 3 yr rum, grilled peaches,                
lemon juice, mole bitters, smoked salt, served on the rocks                    
Golden Heart - Herbes de Provence infused Four Roses bourbon, Manzanillo                   
sherry, molasses bitters, agave, lemon juice, egg white and served up                    
Bitter Rivals - Greenhook gin, Amaro d’arancia rossa, Dolin sweet vermouth,                   
fresh grapefruit, lemon-ginger bitters, pinch of sea salt                    
Dirty Barbados - Real McCoy 5yr rum, lime juice, ginger                 
simple syrup, orange bitters, sea salt served on the rocks                    
The Danny K - Jack Daniels on the rocks & a bud bottle back