JUNE 2017

Mama Kim - 'Ras al Hanout' (middle eastern spices), infused pisco, grapefruit liqueur, lime juice, coconut milk, agave, agave, served on crushed ice

Ramona - Amaras mezcal, strawberry infused apparel, chili fermented coffee bean honey, shaken and strained

Dirty Barbados - The Real McCoy 5yr rum, lime juice, ginger simple syrup, orange bitters + sea salt

Chepiche Sling - McCoy 3 year rum infused with chepiche and tarragon herbs, fresh pressed cucumber juice, lime juice, simple syrup served over ice

The 'L' Train - Greenhook gin, Noveis amaro, ginger, lemon juice, dash of bitters served over crushed ice

The Danny K - Jack Daniels on the rocks + a Budweiser bottle back