The Commander - 12 yr McCoy rum, coal infused black      
raspberry shrub, dolin dry vermouth, aromatic bitters, served up

La Isla- cachaça, aperol, rhubarb, lemon, orange bitters, cava,            
on the rocks            
Love Spell- pisco, roasted strawberries with cacao and sage,              
amaro nonino, lime, egg white, served up            
London Fog - gin, pimms, cucumber juice with smoked blueberry            
syrup & lime, served on the rocks           
Quizás, Quizás - tequila, coconut milk, dolin blanc, cilantro,             
lemongrass, ginger, lime, agave, hazelnut oil, on the rocks            
El Diablo - pasilla, guajillo & ancho chili infused             
mezcal, lime, paprika syrup, rocks  **SPICY**