Tuesday, July 17th, 2018




Ninigret, RI
Noank, CT           
Watch Hill, RI       
East Beach, RI

Littlenecks, RI         
Cherrystones, RI


Quahog clam chowder with bacon, celery, potato and fresh parsley /10*
(New England or Rhode Island style) 

Chilled creamy summer squash soup with lemon and basil /10

Green salad with a caramelized shallot, tahini and lemon dressing, feta cheese, cucumber and sesame-almond dukkah /11

Sautéed squid and snow peas with chili, fire roasted tomato - garlic sauce, fermented grape leaves, soy and sesame /14*

Big eye tuna crudo with cardamom blueberry ghee, lemon, pea tendrils, toasted cashews and chilis /15*

Roasted beet, cacao and chili spaghetti with toasted walnuts, Parmigiano reggiano, garlic and chili powder /14

Pancetta crudo with chili fermented honey, shaved Pecorino Romano, crisp bread and oregano oil /13*

Steamed mussels in a coconut-lemongrass broth, lime and cilantro /14*


Seared big eye tuna with a stew of soldier beans, escarole, olives, white wine, pine nuts, lemon and basil /34*

Pan roasted fluke with beluga lentils, nasturtium cream and a salad of roasted mushrooms, radish, lemon and herbs /32*

Smoked tofu and brown rice salad with miso roasted carrots, ginger, sesame, scallions and a fermented chili dressing /18

Tagliatelle with a ragu of prime beef, vegetables, white wine, cream, parsley and Parmigiano Reggiano 15/28*

Braised pork belly with salad of grilled onions, capers, tomatoes, hakurei turnips, summer squash, Farm to Hearth croûtons and basil /30*

Pan roasted prime N.Y. strip with sweet corn porridge and a creamy salad of kale, bacon, red onion and herbs /40*