Friday, March 22nd, 2019


Noank (CT) / 2.50

Fishers Island (NY) / 2.50

Watch Hill (RI) / 2.50

Ram Island (CT) / 2.50

Littlenecks (RI) / 2

Cherrystones (RI)* / 2


Quahog chowder with bacon, celery, potato,and fresh parsley (New England or Rhode Island style) /10*

Cream of roasted long island cheese squash soup with garlic and olive oil /10*

Green salad with roasted beets, Feta cheese and toasted almonds /11*

Polenta nixtamal, charred carrot mole butter, pea shoots and lime /13*

Crispy Pig head terrine with peanut mayo with black garlic caramel nuoc cham /13*

Bacon - milk amazake bun, raw beef, broccoli greens fried shallot and clam butter /15*

Steamed mussels with a coconut-lemongrass broth, lime and cilantro /14*


Pan Roasted halibut with a broth of kaffir, lemongrass, coconut, cilantro, mushrooms, parsnips and baby broccoli greens/34*

Fried whole redfish with jasmine rice, gochujang mayo and a salad of kale, sesame and lime/30*

Chickpea, tofu and potato stew with garam masala, tomato, chili and coconut, greens, sunflower seeds and jasmine rice /20*

Handmade Tagliatelle with a ragu of prime beef, pork, vegetables, white wine, cream, parsley and parmigiano reggiano /28*

Pepper and thyme roasted leg of pork with cheddar bean puree and lemony spinach salad /30*

Pan roasted prime N.Y. strip with Toasted mesquite sourdough, and a molasses, vinegar and smoked chili butter and greens /40*