*all menu items are subject to change as our menu is prepared daily


Fishers Island (NY)               
Noank (CT)  
East Beach(RI)           
Ram Island (CT)       
Littlenecks (RI)          
Cherrystones (RI)         


oyster club bloody mary
house-made secret recipe   
Berkshire vodka/10 or
Real McCoy 3yr rum/10
fresh shucked oyster /12 

the pickled maria
spicy tomato base, chili vodka, pickled things, salted rim /10

summer crush
salers dry vermouth, pomegranate syrup, lemon, black lemon bitters over crushed ice /10

princess and the pea
junipero gin, stone acres farm summer pea juice,  WASABI, kafir yogurt, lime on the rocks /12

smooth awakening
creme de cacao, cynar, cold brew coffee, sugar, salted CARAMEL whipped cream over ice /12


Quahog clam chowder
(New England or Rhode Island)
bacon, celery, potato and parsley /10*

Chilled cucumber and walnut soup  
Yogurt, mint and olive oil /10

Green salad
 caramelized shallot, tahini and meyer lemon
dressing, feta cheese, blueberries and  
sesame-almond dukkah  /11

Crispy Thai fish salad
chili-lime dressing, red onion, citrus, 
peanuts and herbs /14* 

Roasted beet salad
Chili whipped ricotta, herbs, lemon and hazelnuts/12*   

Steamed mussels
  Coconut-lemongrass broth, 
lime and cilantro/14*

Raspberry-poppy seed scone
Whipped honey butter /6


Poached farm eggs
 Roasted summer squash, Farm to Hearth bread stuffing, Parmigiano Reggiano and pesto
- served with spicy crispy potatoes /15*

House Made Pancake
maple butter, toasted almonds, fresh
berries and sweet vanilla sour cream /12

Butter Milk Biscuit
 Prime beef sausage and black pepper gravy, two sunny farm eggs and greens /15*

Prime New York Strip
Rich mushroom jus, crispy potatoes, 
sunny farm egg and dressed greens /18*

Everything bagel
Chili whipped cream cheese, smoked cod, 
red onion, fried capers and parsley /13*

Dry aged beef burger
brioche, bacon, house aioli, fries /13*
+ Grafton cheddar /1
+ Fried farm egg /2* 

Olive oil poached tuna salad
Farm to Hearth toast, Grafton cheddar cheese, celery, onion, tomato, lemon aioli
-served with fries /15*

Pan roasted swordfish
 Chickpea-sesame puree, dill yogurt and a salad of cucumber, fried garlic, lemon and herbs /18* 

Handmade Tagliatelle
ragu of prime beef, vegetables, tomato
cream, parsley and parmigiano reggiano /16*

Crispy fried tofu
Orange glaze, jasmine rice and a crunchy
vegetable salad /16


homefries/5   buttermilk biscuit/3   applewood bacon/5   griddled almond cake/8   everything bagel/5